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    Q1. How to measure your child’s gymnastics leotard when buying online?

    First, make sure your child is wearing fitted undergarments during the measurement process to allow for a more precise fit.


    Taking measurements for online purchase:

    (A) TORSO— Begin measuring from the top of one shoulder. Continue down the length of the body, between the legs and up the length of the back to the same shoulder. Ensure a snug, but not tight fight.

    (B) CHEST *— Measure along the fullest part of the chest while wrapping the measuring tape around the body. The tape should be tight around the body, but not too tight.

    (C) WAIST *— Measure along the narrowest part of the waist. If you find difficulty in finding this, have your child bend to the side. Where the body bends is the narrowest part of the waist. Ensure that the measurements provide a snug, but not tight fit.

    (D) HIPS *— Begin with your child’s feet together. Measure along the fullest part of the hips and around the body. The measurement should allow a snug fit, but not tight.

    (E) INSEAM— Measure the inseam of the leg by extending the tape from the crotch to below the ankle bone. Athletes should be measured without shoes.

    * Ensure that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor during the chest, waist and hip measurements.


    Q2. What’s important when buying a gymnastics leotard?

    • First, make sure that the overall cut and fit of the garment is appropriate. If the leotard feels uncomfortable in any way, chances are the sizing may be off.
    • Second, make sure that the leotard feels snug to the body with a little extra room to grow.
    • Third, make sure the elastic hugs firmly around the legs, armholes and neckline openings.


    Q3. Are gymnastic leotards good for swimming too?

     It is not recommended due to the differences of the material involved. The chlorine will eventually damage the color and reduce its elasticity.


    Q4. How do I know what size sportswear to order?

    Refer to the Sowilo Sportswear size chart.

    Q5. Is it necessary to wear a leotard while doing gymnastics?

    It is recommended that the gymnast wears a tight fitting one-piece leotard as loose fitting clothing may interfere with the athlete’s safety and performance.


    Q6. How to wash gymnastics leotards?

    We recommend machine washing your leotard inside-out in cold water with similar colors using a gentle cycle. For Best Results, we recommend to hand-wash the leotard inside-out in cold water, while using mild soap. Rinse immediately and hang to dry.

    • Do not use bleach
    • Do not use fabric softeners
    • Do not iron


    Q7. How long can a leotard last for?

    The longevity of the leotard will fit until the gymnast outgrows it. The materials may fade in color and shine due to improper garment care.


    Q8. What’s the difference between male and female gymnastics sportswear?

    While we do use the same fabric for both male and female gymnastics sportswear, the male suits known as singlets are slightly different in the overall style and cut,


    Q9. Where can I buy Sowilo Sportswear?

    Sowilo Sportswear collections are available for online purchases and in store. Our store is located in Kahnawake, while our online store ships across Canada. Various gymnastics clubs’ boutiques also carry a limited selection of Sowilo Sportswear leotards.


    Q.10 What type of sportswear does Sowilo design?

    Sowilo offers a range of male and female gymnastics sportswear as well as figure skating attire for girls.


    Q11. Is it possible to get custom-made sportswear?

    Yes. As part of our main objective to encourage young people to get involved in physical activities. We do provide our customers with the choice of creating a custom-made sportswear. Although we follow certain sets of specifications, our clients can choose the fabric and the cut.


    Q12. Is it possible to customize sportswear for an athletic club?

    Yes. Sowilo welcomes the development of new partnerships with independent clubs. The process by which a club’s uniform is tailor-made starts with coming up with a personalized design for the team. This involves the club’s owners, coaches and other staffing working in collaboration with Sowilo Sportswear in selecting primary and secondary materials, colours and contrasts, as well as incorporating the club logo or specialized details into the uniforms.

    Once all the information is gathered, the production team at Sowilo creates various prototypes for final approval from the club organization.


    Q13. How long does it take to get custom-made sportswear?

    Typically, custom-made sportswear takes about 3–4 weeks to produce.


    Q14. Do you ship across Canada?

    Yes, we ship across the country.