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    Custom Team Gear for Athletes

    Custom Team Gear for Athletes

    When you are an athlete, every second, every moment counts.

    Whether your athleticism is artistic or not, Sowilo Sportswear can help you look & feel your best for practice, competition & games.

    Kristjana is with your every step of the way, from helping you choose the perfect fabrics, colours & sketching up original styles so that your team can perform at their personal best all-the-time.

    Make an appointment with Kristjana, as meeting her is knowing that your Club's unique needs will be met. As a consummate professional, Kristjana is with you stitch by stitch, caring about your Team's suits are perfect and making sure that everyone is happy & can perform their very best.

    Every athlete deserves our best. 

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    Choosing your Athletic Apparel

    Choosing your Athletic Apparel

    Much can be said about choosing the right apparel for athletes, in their area of excellence from gymnastics, skating & swimming ~ 
    What is most important is that their apparel needs to fit well, feel comfortable AND express the way they want to show up at practice & in competition. 

    Knowing that you are wearing the PERFECT outfit for your performance is the difference between winning & losing, between performing at your optimal best.

    As a former athlete, Kristjana knows how important it is to have the right outfit; her designs need to work as hard as you do for your own performance. That's why stitch by stitch, she is with you all the way to the podium.

    About Kristjana

    About Kristjana

    Meet Kristjana Curry, the driving force behind Sowilo Sportswear. With a passion for athletic apparel and a deep understanding of the unique needs of gymnasts and figure skaters, Kristjana has been at the helm of Sowilo for seven years. Her journey in the world of sports apparel began as a former competitor herself, which instilled in her a dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and athlete-centric design.

    As the owner-operator of Sowilo Sportswear, Kristjana is not only a visionary designer but also a hands-on leader who oversees every aspect of the business. Her commitment to excellence has led to a loyal customer base and a reputation for originality and top-notch craftsmanship.

    This is why so many Clubs enjoy working with Kristjana, as she puts so much time & care into creating the perfect outfits for each athlete and club so they can show up at their very best.